Institutions from our two regions have been engaged in cooperative partnerships for almost 20 years.

Proximity: As well as sharing a culture and a language, Euskara, our two regions share a certain ‘art of living’.

• Our story: twenty years ago a cooperative fund was launched, named ‘Aquitaine Euskadi’ and intended to promote projects involving partners from both sides of the border (universities, technology centres, professional training authorities and employment support services, cultural associations, theatre groups, sports clubs, drug prevention associations etc.).

Years of cooperation between our two regions, within the framework of the European Union.

Since 1982 – Both regions are members of the Pyrénées Economic Committee, which is currently piloting a European interregional project dubbed POCTEFA (Operational Programme for Cross-Border Cooperation between France, Andorra and Spain). And also… Both regions are members of various European networks: the European Association of Border Regions (AEBR), the Association for European Regions and Traditional Products (AREPO), the Association of European Fruit, Vegetable and Flower-Producing Regions (AREFLH), OGM-Free, Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR – Arc Atlantique), European Association of Members from Mountainous Regions (AEEM), … And participate in various European projects: ANCORIM, ARCOPOL, REVERSE, CFA-EFFIPLAT, ROK-FOR…

2004 – Creation of a new structure with legal personality and status: PLAE (the Aquitaine-Euskadi Logistical Platform), in the form of a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG). The PLAE headquarters are located in San Sebastián.

2009 – Joint declaration by the regions’ presidents in favour of the creation of a new Euroregion – Aquitaine-Euskadi – taking the form of a European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation (EGCT).

2011 – Creation of the EGCT Aquitaine-Euskadi under the terms of European Regulation (CE) nº 1082/2006.